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Zumba classes: Dance yourself into shape!  Join our adrenaline-charged, easy to  follow, high calorie burning, dance- fitness class.  

     Our class combines hot Latin & International music with contagious steps and exotic rhythms to create a “party like” atmosphere. You are burning hundreds of calories  without even noticing because you are having so much fun! 

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Exercice and dance from the safety of your home at this ONLINE LIVE LOW IMPACT class. Perfect for active older adults who are looking for an fun dance class at a lower-intensity with Latin inspired moves & music. 

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Only $10 / class. Price includes a FREE 15 minute complete streching routine after the end of the 1 hour dance class.

All you need to know about ZUMBA


What is Zumba?

Zumba is a  Dance-Fitness class that blends  Latin inspired rhythms and music. A Zumba class lasts one hour and usually features12 different songs/routines.  The routines are a combination of salsa, merengue, cha-cha, cumbia, hip- hop, belly dancing, Spanish flamenco, calypso, 
and other dance styles. The music is contagious and motivating, and the routines  combine  fun  dancing with high cardio exercises.  Zumba is so much fun that time flies by as participants burn tons of calories!

Can I take a Zumba class if I am not a dancer?

Do you like music and dancing?  Then  the answer is YES!  Even though there is a lot of  dancing in a class, Zumba is not a formal dance class: the steps are easy to follow and anyone can do them.  The main purpose of the class is to move and have fun, even if you think you were born with two left feet!

Instructors generally keep the same routines for  several  weeks,  giving students the opportunity to learn the steps.  A few weeks later, one or two new songs will be introduced, to vary things a little and give students the opportunity to learn new steps.The instructor will never change the 12 routines all at once. 

 What clothes do I wear for a Zumba class?

 Workout attire is  suggested and  dance sneakers are   HIGHLY recommended. 

Why are Dance Sneakers so important?

A lot of the Zumba moves require sliding and sometimes turning.  Regular running shoes
have way too much  tracking and will impede  you from properly sliding your feet.  The extra effort then will be taken by the knees.

Dancing sneakers are specially designed for dancing: the sole of the shoe is designed to help you move more easily, allowing you to slide and turn with no extra effort for the knees.  
Some cushioning in the sneaker hill is necessary too, since some of the fitness exercises require bouncing and small jumps. The impact should be taken by the shoe hill and not by the knees. (That’s why it is not recommended to do Zumba barefoot.)

Where do I buy Dance Sneakers?

You can buy dance sneakers at any local dance store.  Some of the online stores that sell dance sneakers are:

Why do I need to drink water during a Zumba class?

You will be dancing and doing high cardio for one hour. Even if you are one of those people who “never sweat,” believe me, you will be sweating.  Therefore, your body loses a lot of liquid and you need to drink water during and after a class to prevent dehydration.

Will Zumba help me build a lot of muscle?

Zumba is a cardio class so it will help you burn fat and tone your muscles.  To build muscles you may have to do some weight lifting in combination with your Zumba workout.  

Private Latin Dance Lessons


Private Latin Dance Lessons

Start Today! Learn Salsa, Merengue, Cha-Cha, Cumbia, Bachata in a one on one setting.
Our Professional Dancer/Choreographer/Teacher  focuses only on you, teaching you all the Latin steps and movements.

Location: 535 Encinitas Blvd. #100 Encinitas, CA 92024

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Private Parties: Latin Dance Lessons

Bring some fun to your Party! By hiring Professional Dancer & Instructor Marcela Alva to Perform, Teach & Entertain at your Private Party.

Your guest will learn the basic steps of different Latin Dances, while dancing to the rhythms of contagious music. Marcela will entertain the crowd making sure everyone has a wonderful time! 

Private Wedding Lessons

Learn a beautiful, fun Latin Dance Choreography for your Wedding!

Impress your family and guests at your Wedding.  Our Professional Instructor-Choreographer can teach you a Simple, Short, Easy to Learn, yet Elegant choreography for your special day.

This is a private class setting in which you and your significant other will have all the instructor's attention and dedication.

Marcela Alva Certified Zumba & Latin Dance Instructor 760-846-0289

Serving: Del Mar, Carmel Valley, Solana Beach, Cardiff, Encinitas, Rancho Santa Fe, Carlsbad and Oceanside Areas. 


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